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Join us for our winter #blendswap!


Looking for a way to reset your diet in the new year? Introducing #blendswap ... our challenge to swap one meal every weekday for the month of January with a nutrient-rich, plant-powered organic blend.

If you manage to complete a full week of meal swapping, your Friday blend will be on us!

Kacy, our fearless leader, will be taking the challenge on herself and trying to replace one meal every weekday for the whole month. If she succeeds, we'll donate $100 to Toni's Kitchen, so that others in our community can also eat healthier in the new year. (And for every one of our customers that completes the entire month, we'll donate another $20!)

Why meal replacement?  After a month (or two) of holiday, partying, we crave a healthy start in the new year. We love fulfilling that need by replacing meals with powerhouse blends because research shows that greater, more sustainable weight loss can result from replacing meals than from more standard, calorie-restricting diets. That means you're more likely to be successful by swapping out even just one meal a day than trying to restrict overall calories. And nothing could be easier, more delicious, or more portable than a blend!

Why do it with Juice Culture?  We've partnered with Audrey Laurelton, RDN, to revise all five of the blends on our standard menu to become new Balanced Blends. Our Balanced Blends are specifically designed to replace all the nutrients needed for a complete meal. We have designed our Balanced Blends to have the correct percentages of carbohydrates, fat, and protein within the 400 calories/meal recommended for moderate weight loss. That means they'll leave you satisfied and happy:)

The benefits of our Balanced Blends go beyond the perfect amounts of nutrients. All of our Balanced Blends have loads of fiber, a very boring-sounding ingredient that actually is the true cleanser of our bodies. Most Americans get only half of the fiber that they need, but getting enough reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even breast cancer.

And of course, participating in #blendswap will also get you closer to the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day that you need. The Balanced Kacy, for example, boasts 2 servings of vegetables and one of fruit. Sip 20oz of deliciousness and you're already more than halfway to getting all the plants you need!

Sure, there are other meal replacement options around, but check the ingredients. Ours are made with whole, organic produce, vegan ingredients, and no added sweeteners beyond fruit (with the exception of The Balanced Greg, which has 2 teaspoons of raw local honey).

How do I sign up? The official #blendswap kickoff is Tuesday, January 2nd. But anyone is welcome to come by the store any day in January and sign up. We'll keep track of how many days you've managed to complete a swap! Remember, if you use our app or website to order, we will deliver your #blendswap to the Upper Montclair train platform in the morning.